We’ve all read or heard sometimes, stories, legends, myths, taboos of things that only we imagine. And on these days seen on movies, books, comics,. In recent years around the world, the entire human race has been witnessing a lot of these things come true, or they were true in viewing,. So sometimes you can disbelive but don’t stop beliving on…

There is enough information to support this kind of news but it’s something you can not qualify as true even if it were real.
Now the object to which we refer at this point is called as a comet it is about three kilometers just like any other … The difference is that this month will pass between Earth and the sun after travel through the space for more than 11.000 years and according to some might cause some problems on our planet.
turns out that according to some people who follow certain events or anomalies as in the case of 9-NANIA in the last year after the discovery of the comet ELENIN name given in honor of its discoverer, notice that many of the catastrophic events had been every time the comet is aligned with the earth
This comet has an elliptical orbit that every time aligns with earth something happens may be a coincidence but as many say ….
That depends on whom you talk to,. The comet completes its orbit around the sun and starting again as taught in some charts its journey to where it go in the depths of the universe.

For us the problem is that passes near the sun and scientists say is a negative charge that could make it grow in size would be a potentially very bad news for us that is what could cause possible problems such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and other goodies to our planet, just as when the moon gets too close to earth wing causeing tidal waves, torrential rains, and excessively strong winds

according to the Mayas that mention this comet as one of the destroyers, also in the calendar ending December 21, 2012, according to their calendar is the end all in what some define the end of the world, others is only a change of spiritual life and others the beginning of a new era … the reality is not prophesying the end of the world but the universal end of their calendar which is the most correct and accurate at this time which ends within a year,…….

The world before discovering the Mayans had a calendar that is called “Julian calendar” used by Gregorian monks who also descends from the time of Julius Caesar whose name ,. This calendar has some discrepancies in the losing hours or days for which he was corrected
So if you see any changes made by man is almost exactly calendars a year apart in the final calendar of the Mayans. . . . . .
The possible occurrence of this event was “shall we say prophesied” by many civilizations before, it is even mentioned in many passages of other civilizations is but there are those who relate to passages from the bible “John’s revelations ” and the three days of darkness, as the rest of the book of revelations or / and apocalypses,… It is, something we can not fix if it really is one of the many prophecies,. Or is it just like in the beginning only a myth, a legend so that there is a reality of what comes or happens …..
But if it were! this would be the moment of truth, this is one of the events that have no solution. Not like in the movies and comics, because it would be too real to fantasize that way. There is no remedy at all,. And if it had would have to be now!
but if it is about religion. It would be the only way to deal with this … Because this! … It’s what you would call the moment of truth .. Judgement day … ….

So the following dates are to observe very closely in relation to this event and prepare, .. For this or any kind of event [disaster] … … .. 5:00:00.00 begins after this meridian pm 09/25 … 09/26 … 09/27 … … 10/28 … 10/31 09/28…10/17 / … 11/01 … 11/02 … 03/11 / 2011 … …. Not to sound more negative than it already was, but it would be good practice to follow as always: The plan for an exit strategy from your home or work, have a venue to be separated where all try to meet, have water and canned food for some days, a first aid kit that is global so it is for all…………
OH!.. And if you do not really confessed to the Man, it would be good time to start ….

This page is update to keep record  on this event